our story.

The idea arose from personal need for a couple of shoe enthusiasts who found that proper shoe cleaning is not just a chore, but requires adequate tools and techniques. So they got up and travelled the world in search of the perfect shoe cleaning techniques. From deep in the mountains of the Himalayas to the rocky reds of the Wild Wild West, they met many a shoe cleaner, slowly absorbing the knowledge. They battled many shoe monsters and vanquished numerous shoe fiends. It was deep in the caves of nowhere that they met Master Shoeda, an 800 year old shoe monster, who taught them the art of shoe cleaning. Upon their return to Pakistan, our Heroes, equipped in their battle-hardened aprons and their brushes that have captured the dirty souls of thousands of shoes, have decided to help the dirty poor soles (pun intended) of the local townsfolk.


Surface Cleaning

We don’t dump your shoes in a washing machine and scream “Clean”. We clean the surface with a wide range of customized solutions and polishes, depending of course on the material. Every shoe goes through at least 3 phases of surface cleaning.


Its not about making them smell good when we return them to you. Its about making sure they keep smelling good. With our range of scented shoe deodorizing treatments, we make sure that we kill that bad odor. An no, they wont return smelling like flowers, unless you want them to because we use neutral natural fragrances.

Deep Undersole Scrubbing

Undersoles collect the most dirt and deposits. So we take our spikes and brushes and go through every nook and crook, removing deposits, before giving the undersole a wash with our Undersole cleaner.

Water/ Stain Repel Treatment

Once we are done enhancing your shoes ability to repel water and stains, you can throw ketchup on your mesh Adidas and watch it slide off the side without leaving a single stain. Our Enhance Repel Treatment works amazingly against water, oils, paints, drinks and most liquids.

Insole and Lining Cleaning

The inside of a shoe is most important to clean because its in direct contact with your foot. With our custom fabric and lining cleaners, we scrub away all deposits of bacteria and dirt from the inside of your shoes, ridding them of bad odor.

Shoelace Replacement

A shoelace is to a shoe what a necktie is to a suit. If not proper, they can ruin the entire look. So if you have shabby shoe laces, or are tired of the stock ones, let us replace them.



1. Lace Replacement

Rs 150

2. Rain/ Stain Repel Treatment

Rs 250

classic clean.

1. Surface Cleaning

2. Deep Undersole Scrubbing

3. Deodorization

*Standard Material:
Rs 300
**Premium Material:
Rs 400

deep clean.

1. Surface Cleaning

2. Deep Undersole Scrubbing

3. Deodorization

4. Insole and Lining Cleaning

*Standard Material:
Rs 400
**Premium Material:
Rs 500

  *Standard Materials such as: leather, nylon, rubber, etc.
**Premium materials such as: suede, nubuck, premium leather, cotton mesh, etc.

    Regular turn around time is three working days


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